Seagull 78 Controller Adapter v2.0

Gamepad Gameplay for the Atari 7800!

The Seagull 78 v2.0 is a controller adapter that allows the use of any Sega Genesis gamepad or other Genesis controller with your Atari 7800, providing authentic two-button gameplay control on all Atari 7800 games.

Simply plug your Sega Genesis or compatible controller into the Seagull 78, then plug the included 6' (1.8m) factory molded game cord into your Atari 7800 console.  Buttons "B" and "C" on your Sega controller provide authentic two-button gameplay control on all Atari 7800 games. No other buttons are utilized on the controller while using the Seagull 78 adapter.

As a bonus, the 6' factory molded game cord may be used independently with any other retro game system that utilizes the DB9 connector, including many Flashback systems, Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, and many 8-bit computers.

Note:  This product is an adapter only!  You must provide the Sega Genesis compatible controller!

Note: The Seagull 78 controller adapter is not compatible with Sega Master System controllers.


Here's a review of version 1.0 by the No Swear Gamer:

Seagull 78 Controller Adapter
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