Super CV


Take classic ColecoVision and Adam computer games to a whole new level with the Super CV - an arcade controller that replicates the controls of the original Super Action controller by Coleco, less the thumbwheel. 


Super CV transforms gameplay on great ColecoVision games like Burger Time, Donkey Kong, Mr. Do, Pepper II, and many more.   The octagonal restrictor plate is the perfect compromise between a 4-way and 8-way joystick, providing distinct landing points for your stick in all eight directions. The Suzo-Happ arcade pushbuttons deliver true left/right two-button control just like the original ColecoVision controllers, while the third and fourth buttons replicate the action of the purple and blue buttons on the Super Action controller, delivering great play on games like Front Line, Rocky: Super Action Boxing, Spy Hunter, and Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator.



The Super CV is built to last. The controller is housed in an 8" x 14" sloped aluminum case that is stable on the table or happy in your lap, with an authentic Sanwa™ JLF-TP-8YT ball-top joystick with an octagonal restrictor plate, four Suzo-Happ pushbuttons, and as custom-made, 12-key membrane keypad.  Under the hood, game compatability is maximized with signal processing that is identical to the original controllers - a passive array of diodes that routes control impulses to your console or computer that we call the Easy CV controller board.  The molded DB-9 cord length is approximately 5'6" (1.6m).  All harness connections are soldered and heatshrink wrapped. The result is a controller to last a lifetime! 


Your wish is our command!   We can build your Super CV with a classic Super Action solid red joystick ball and yellow, red, purple, and blue pushbuttons, or customize your controller from a rainbow of colors including the amazing Hard Candy Gemstone balls in blue, geen, yellow, or red. 



NOTE!  This product was originally offered through a 2016 Kickstarter campaign. Between 2/29/16 and 4/2/2018 a waitlist was compiled until we were ready to add this product to the store.  If you are reading this note, waitlist fulfillment is currently underway, and a waitlist access code is required to complete the purchase.  If you do not supply the correct access code at the time of purchase, your order will move to the very bottom of the list and will not be filled for 3-6 months!  If you do not have an access code, please check back and this note will eventually disappear, meaning the list is gone and orders will be queued and filled in a normal way.  Thank you for your patience and support!

Super CV controller for ColecoVision and Adam
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