About Us

I was seven years old when the Atari VCS appeared in stores in 1977 and I was immediately obsessed with the idea of this game system with its endless rainbow library of game cartridges.  It would be 1981 before I scrounged and saved enough to buy my own "light sixer" and begin to slowly gather my collection of games - each painstakingly researched in preparation for birthday and Christmas wish lists.  After endless hours of gameplay I graduated to the Atari 5200 and then on to college where there were actual coin-op arcades and 286 PC computers to play with. 

Recently I purchased an Atari 7800 for the first time for access to the solid collection of "golden era" early-80s arcade ports.  I soon discovered the games were great, but the "Pro Line" controllers were terrible - just the worst.  Thinking of the wealth of 3rd party hardware support that existed for the Atari 2600, I was shocked to learn that almost nothing was available for the Atari 7800 - very few non-Atari games and virtually no hardware. The console had been orphaned, left to wither in the shadow of the NES and the indifference of Jack Tramiel.   The result was a great game system that was crippled by its terrible controllers and cold market economics. 

Edladdin Controllers was born to solve all of those problems, delivering great classic two-button arcade controllers to fans of the Atari 7800.   At last the full potential of those games can be unlocked! 

Edladdin Controllers is a part of BETAR USA, a company that has been designing and producing vibroacoustic sound therapy systems and other stress reduction tools since 1987.  If you need to relax, check us out at:  www.betar.com.


You can take a tour of my personal Atari 2600 and 7800 collections here: