About Us

I was seven years old when the Atari VCS appeared in stores in 1977 and I was immediately obsessed with the idea of this game system with its endless rainbow library of game cartridges.  It would be 1981 before I scrounged and saved enough to buy my own "light sixer" and begin to slowly gather my collection of games - each painstakingly researched in preparation for birthday and Christmas wish lists.  After endless hours of gameplay I graduated to the Atari 5200 and then on to college where there were actual coin-op arcades and 286 PC computers to play with. 

In 2013, I purchased an Atari 7800 and soon thereafter, a ColecoVision, for access to the great library of "golden era" early-80s arcade ports.  I soon discovered the games were great, but the controllers were terrible - just the worst.

Edladdin Controllers was born to solve all of those problems, delivering arcade controllers to fans of the Atari 7800 and ColecoVision.   At last the full potential of those games libraries can be unlocked! 

Edladdin Controllers is a part of BETAR USA, a company that has been designing and producing focused vibroacoustic sound therapy systems and other stress reduction tools since 1987.  If you need to relax, check us out at:  www.betar.com.